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What the LRA and CLCA do for Legacy Residents

August 27, 2020

Part of the beauty of living in Legacy is that you’re moving into a community with two well-established associations dedicated to caring for and enhancing the community: the Legacy Residents Association and the Calgary Legacy Community Association. But what are the differences between the two and what they do for Legacy residents? These organizations have different purposes, serving the community in ways that complement each other for the betterment of Legacy now and in the future.

Legacy Residents Association (LRA)

The LRA is an audited, non-profit, volunteer-driven committee currently made up of five members, plus volunteers for other committees. When each home in Legacy is purchased, including multi-family and single-family homes, the homeowners are agreeing to be part of the LRA. Although the LRA was formed in 2013, 2017 was the first year that fees were charged. In that time the single-family fees have not changed from $60 annually, due June 1st of each year. In addition to resident fees, the developer currently contributes a significant amount of funds to the LRA in order to help make Legacy the best it can be for over 2,500 residents who call Legacy home. Being a member of the community of Legacy and the LRA means having a sense of pride in where you live. The LRA was formed with the goal to increase the value of Legacy homes in years to come.

The LRA manages items that are above and beyond what The City of Calgary would typically maintain including the upkeep and enhancement of community elements such as the entrance features, boulevards and medians, storm pond fountains, the Community Garden and the annual Christmas light displays. The City of Calgary is responsible for the basic maintenance of streetlights, street and park snow removal, parking enforcement, distressed trees on boulevards, traffic signals and signage, sidewalk and roadway repairs and maintenance of green space and ponds within the community. 2019 was a very successful year for the LRA. Activities included augmenting community maintenance, growing Legacy’s Community Garden, several community events and a significant increase in resident participation.

Here are the top 5 things the LRA does for residents:

#1 – Creates a Winter Experience in Legacy

Each winter the LRA places and maintains the temporary skating rink and Christmas light parade donated by WestCreek Developments so that the lights will stay on forever. 

Legacy Christmas Light Parade - Calgary - Legacy

#2 – Hosts Events

Past events hosted by the LRA include movie nights, the annual Legacy Stampede breakfast, Story Time in the Park and Baby Rhyme Time, to name a few.

Story Time in Legacy Park - Calgary - Legacy

#3 – Enhanced Maintenance of Community Features

Many of the landscape features that make Legacy beautiful and unique are maintained by the LRA, including entry features, the clock tower and enhanced landscaping surrounding these features.

Legacy Stormwater Pond and Water Feature - Calgary - Legacy

#4 – Manages the Community Garden

The Community Garden is managed by the LRA and the Garden Committee. This beautiful space includes compost, topsoil and hand-watering sources available on-site, and all 70 garden plots come with a raised planter filled with a base of a topsoil and compost mix, ready to get started. To sign up for your own plot visit

#5 – Provides Newsletter Updates

The LRA works with the developer to also send out email newsletters updating registrants about events and updates in the community.

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Calgary Legacy Community Association (CLCA)

The CLCA is a voluntary organization formed by residents of the area. Membership and fees are optional but are instrumental for the CLCA to continue providing for the betterment of the community. Members can run for a place on the board or executive roles. Residents who are members can also access additional benefits from the Federation of Calgary Communities.

The purpose of the CLCA is to give the community a voice on a city level and to support connections within the community. The goal of the CLCA is to encourage engagement and involvement from community members in social, recreational and educational activities in Legacy. They create, facilitate and announce ways to build connections in the neighbourhood through various volunteer opportunities, events and programs. As opposed to the LRA, the CLCA does not contribute to the management and maintenance of the community itself. However, the CLCA can support and raise funds for the addition of new facilities and amenities in the neighbourhood.

Here are the top 5 things the CLCA does for residents:

#1 – Keeps Residents Informed

The CLCA provides a variety of community resources including Little Free Libraries, City maintenance updates and crime statistics.

#2 – Gives the Community a Voice

Community associations generally offer representation and a voice to work with The City of Calgary, and the CLCA acts as a liaison between the residents of Legacy and The City on civic matters.

#3 – Facilitates Opportunities for Connection

The CLCA provides a platform for connection through its active social media presence where they frequently post on recreational, cultural, social, athletic and educational activities and announcements of general interest to Legacy residents.

#4 – Offers Early and Exclusive Event Access

Members of the CLCA receive priority access to events that require registration and offer VIP status at events and additional perks.

#5 – Exclusive Discounts

CLCA members can enjoy discounts at select Legacy and local businesses just by showing a digital membership card. Discounts have included offers from Little Caesars, Legacy Chiropractic, Legacy Vet Clinic, ICON Dance Company, Fitness 1440, Legacy Barber Shop, Wiseman Barbershop and AirTowne Inc.

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