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What makes WestCreek communities so great?

March 25, 2024

WestCreek is dedicated to planning desirable communities, and details matter. We consider and design all community aspects from home exterior colours to parks, landscaping and more!
We met with WestCreek’s Architectural Designer, Mikaella to ask some questions.

What do you find encourages active participation and engagement within a community?

Talking to your builders and communicating with them on everything, hearing their feedback and what they hear from customers. Talking with your team and making sure everyone is on the same page with the vision for the community.  Going out to each community and seeing the surroundings and what it has to offer. Attending the grand opening events, that’s where you meet the people that live in those communities. These are the things that I believe encourages active participation and engagement within a community.

Tell us your favourite community-building project?

Our modern community, Wolf Willow. I love seeing the different types of materials that are used on one elevation, from metals, sagiwall, masonry, true grain etc. I find the community unique, including the elevations that our builders come up with, like the different angle roofs, window placements etc. The community itself has so much to offer, with the different types of parks, the newly opened dog park and being so close to the Bow River.

What are you working on right now?

I currently have 4 communities that I do the architecturals for continuously. The main 3 would be Legacy, Wolf Willow and Cornerbrook. I’ve been working on those three communities since I started with West Creek in 2022. The newest community that will hopefully be starting this fall is Creekview. All three communities have their own main elements, from traditional to modern architecture, not one community is the same as the other. Which keeps my job unique and never a dull moment.

What does your desk look like?

My desk is organized, as I find it very hard to think and concentrate if things are all over the place. I also have an architectural room, which keeps all of my samples on display for an easier process.

How do you stay updated on emerging trends and innovations in community architecture?

I drive and visit different communities for fun. It’s fun driving around the city checking out old and newer communities. You can learn a lot about what you like vs what might not be your taste. And even things that you just find interesting can be passed down to the team.

Tell us your favourite place in Legacy

I find Legacy so grand and traditional, and love our features in the community. I love The Ridge, The Woods, love how they just have such grand houses and the amount of masonry on them. I also love our entry features, from the archways before you enter the community to the two big fountains.

Wolf Willow is so close to Legacy, tell us what you think is special

Wolf Willow has an incredible dog park. I have a big dog, so the agility park is great for him. The Osprey Park is also unique with the bird’s nest as a main feature in the playground, Wolf Willow has more unique animal featured parks coming soon.