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The Wild Meets The Woods

November 8, 2019

What was once an expansive ranch with a rich history (owned by renowned philanthropist and senator, Patrick Burns of the Calgary Stampede’s Big Four), The Woods in Legacy takes a different approach to living. This land was selected because of its two beautiful and unique natural amenities. The first is a nature reserve spanning over 300 acres. The second is an established forest filled with remarkable decades-old Aspen trees. The area that we call the Woods is designed in such a way that more people than ever in Legacy can enjoy this expansive outdoor wonder.

“We’re leaving almost all the trees, only taking the ones out that are necessary to get the homes in. The ones we take out will be placed on lots that don’t have as many trees and around the show homes. We want people to feel like they’re in the wilderness.” – Bravin Goldade, WestCreek Development President.

The Woods in Legacy is the culmination of a 25-year dream from Bravin Goldade and his team. Now, just a few years into development, the first phase of these rare homes is available in The Woods. Find out why Calgary has never seen a neighbourhood like this before.

Nestled Among the Aspen Forest

Welcome to woodland living, where beautiful homes meet tranquil and beautiful forest. Each home in the Woods has a minimum 32-foot-wide stretch of mature Aspen trees lining the yard, creating a lush and serene backdrop to everyday life. The intentional choice was made to allow the natural formation of the land to guide the development of the homes, taking into account the growth of the forest and the best use of the land to enhance its beauty for residents. The result is a lifestyle integrated with nature, and with each new tree planted in the years to come, that connection will only grow.

Bigger Yards, Beautiful Homes

Privacy and comfort abound on home lots designed for enhanced backyard living, award-winning designs, and tranquil downtime at all times. Westcreek Homes offers specially designed homes sitting on wide-shallow lots that can’t be found elsewhere in Calgary with backyards this size. Trico Homes has introduced extra-wide garages into their large home designs, along with expansive windows throughout the homes to deliver outstanding views of nature. And Jayman is celebrating their 40-year anniversary with an exclusive 40th Anniversary Jayman BUILT home in the Woods. Click here to learn more about building a home in The Woods.

Connect to Nature and All of Legacy

Leaving your home doesn’t mean you need to leave your woodland haven. Legacy is home to 15 kilometres of tree-lined pathways perfect for running, cycling or strolling in nature and the community is connected to over 300 acres of green space just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed any time of the year. The Pine Creek Valley to the south is a protected nature reserve, meaning your home in Legacy will forever be connected to this natural pocket of land in south-west Calgary. Learn more about parks, ponds and green space here.

Take a look at life in The Woods and keep an eye out as the next phases begin development.

The Woods Semi-Estate - Calgary - Legacy