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Summer Strolls in Legacy’s Environmental Reserve

August 13, 2020

Summer is in full swing! And with the mix of sun and showers, Legacy’s environmental reserve is looking as lush and inviting as ever. Here are just a few ways you can take in the serene setting of Legacy’s environmental reserve. 

Survey From the Ridge 

Legacy is the community where the city meets the country and there’s no better vantage point to take this in than from along the ridge of the environmental reserve. Legacy’s 15 km network of paved pathways runs along the ridge, providing a smooth surface for strollers, walkers, runners and cyclists to enjoy.  

Environmental Reserve Benches - Calgary - Legacy

Connect with Others 

Picnic tables and benches along the ridge pathway system offer the opportunity for residents and visitors to take a moment and connect in this peaceful setting. Pack a picnic basket or a simple to-go mug of your morning coffee, or grab a treat from Tim Hortons at Legacy Corner, easily accessible from the pathways. 

Environmental Reserve in Fall - Calgary - Legacy

Follow the Foot Trails 

If you want to immerse yourself more closely with nature, follow along the small network of established foot trails throughout the environmental reserve. Throughout the valley you can enjoy an evolving landscape of grasslands, woods and a lazy creek. 

Environmental Reserve Green Field - Calgary - Legacy

View From Your Viewfinder 

Legacy’s environmental reserve provides sights to behold from macro to micro. Take in the expansive views through panoramic photos or use the woodlands as a stunning backdrop for your next family portrait. Don’t forget the close-ups either, the landscape floor is accented with many beautiful wild plants and flowers. 

Environmental Reserve Nature - Calgary - Legacy

Explore With Your Nose 

Though your four-legged friends are required to be on leash throughout the environmental reserve, there is plenty of new and interesting stimulus for them to explore with their noses. And the fresh air sweeping in from the horizon line of the Rocky Mountains to the west will do everyone in the family some good. 

Environmental Reserve Eagle in Sky - Calgary - Legacy

Take in the Sounds 

Did you hear that? Maybe not. Come to the environmental reserve to enjoy the tranquility and quiet of the country, mixed with the occasional chirping of birds flying overhead or nesting in the treetops of the woods. Experience a bird’s eye view for yourself by watching our drone video.