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Five Reasons to Buy a Laned Home in Calgary

July 15, 2021

Growing families are always looking for more space in their new home and typically think a move-up front-attached garage home is their only option. But did you know that there is another type of home that offers plenty of space, at a lower cost? If you are looking for a new home that offers the space you need, consider a laned home in Legacy. Laned homes are single-family homes with that feature a detached garage, cozy front porches, front and backyard green space and tons of room for your family. Laned homes in Legacy are also just steps from playgrounds, parks, greenspaces and walking and biking paths. There are plenty of reasons why buying a laned home is the way to go. Here are our top five. 

1. Laned Homes Have a Detached Garage 

Most laned homes have their garages located in the backyard, and as a new home buyer you have control over how big your garage is and where it goes. You can also decide what you want to use it for – as a traditional garage, for extra storage or even a workspace. Sometimes, you can even decide not to have a garage at all. This means you can have an even larger backyard for outdoor activities. 

2. Laned Homes Provide More Privacy 

As we mentioned, laned homes are detached, meaning you won’t share any walls with neighbouring homes – and noisy neighbours! Since laned homes stand alone, you never have to worry about overhearing loud music, conversations or even feeling too close for comfort when you are relaxing in your backyard. This makes laned homes the ideal choice for anyone who appreciates a quiet home and added privacy from neighbours. 

3. Laned Homes Offer Welcoming Exteriors 

Laned homes in Legacy feature picturesque front porches and spacious yards, which not only add to the curb appeal of your home, but are perfect for enjoying a morning coffee, summer barbeques or throwing a ball around. Have a green thumb but don’t want to tackle a ton of lawn care? Laned homes provide just enough green space for a small garden without feeling overwhelming.  

4. Laned Homes Make the Perfect Starter Home 

Starting to grow your family and need more space, but not too much space? Laned homes provide the perfect mix of enough space for your growing family now, and in the future. With attractive designs and open floorplans, you have enough room for a home office, basement rec room and separate bedrooms for kids while still feeling cozy and comfortable.  

5. Laned Homes Provide Increased Affordability 

And finally, price! Laned homes are an affordable option for those with a tighter budget. Starting from the $400s, comfortably take advantage of additional living space, a larger yard, more privacy and convenience for a fraction of the price of an attached home.  

Whether it’s additional privacy, curb appeal, space or affordability, these are just a few reasons why Legacy’s laned homes from Jayman BUILTShane Homes and Look Master Builder are an affordable favourite for single-family living. Learn more about Legacy’s award-winning builders and what makes laned homes a family favourite here.