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A staycation in and around Legacy

March 25, 2024

Spring has officially arrived and as we wave goodbye to winter a staycation may be in order! There is so much you can do to feel refreshed and inspired without needing to venture too far from home. Here are our recommendations for a few days of spring staycation-ing in and around Legacy.

Day 1

Sleep in and stay in your pajamas until noon. Take it EASY. We suggest ordering in from Thai Express, Little Caesars or KFC and popping on a movie. Today is all you, don’t hold back.

Day 2

Okay – you’re up, you’re loving life. Let’s go for a walk in the Environmental Reserve. If you have young kids, why not set out on a scavenger hunt (look for birds, bugs, animal-shaped clouds and fresh buds on trees).

Day 3

Today we venture out to the Library. Head over to the Shawnessy library and get lost in the stacks. Discover something new, pick up something old, and fill a tote bag full of books to get stuck into.

Day 4

Enjoy the coziness of your beautiful home. Why not tackle colour coding your bookshelf or snuggle up with a cup of tea and that new library book.

Day 5

By now you’re ready for an adventure. If it’s a warm day, let’s go for an outdoor hike. Fish Creek park is easily accessible from Wolf Willow with many trails and walking paths to discover.

Day 6

Practice your golf. An 11-minute drive away, Launchpad is great to work on your swing while nursing a plate of nachos.

Day 7

Let’s get ready to get back to it. Get your car washed at Lux and head to the grocery store to stock the fridge for the week ahead. We hope you’re feeling refreshed!

To learn more about what there is to do in and around Legacy, take a peek around our amenity map or visit a showhome today.